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It is estimated that one out of every 19 Americans has poor vision as a result of eye disease that has gone undetected. Early diagnosis and treatment are keys to preventing or minimizing serious vision loss. Regular examinations by our expert doctors at Larson Eye Care not only prevents vision loss due to eye disease through early detection, but also can improve the quality of your vision. Thousands of Americans lose their vision each year simply because they do not know they are suffering from eye disease. Vision problems can occur at any age, but problems typically increase in incidence with age. Just as you would schedule an annual physical or a trip to your dentist’s office, scheduling an annual eye exam can help ensure a lifetime of good vision. Today, thanks to the advances in the treatment of eye disease, many leading causes of blindness are treatable or preventable. Yet, many diseases go undetected and untreated simply because there are no noticeable symptoms. Your good vision can only be preserved with early diagnosis and treatment.  Scheduling an exam soon will set a path toward early detection and treatment of many ocular diseases. Dr. Christopher Larson, Dr. Todd Larson and Dr. Andrew Lavey recommend using the following guidelines for scheduling eye health examinations for you and your family:

  • For children, examinations are recommended if there are problems such as crossed eyes, premature birth or a family history of childhood vision problems. During the school years, an eye exam is recommended every two years. It is during these years that common eye disorders such as myopia and hyperopia are often detected resulting in the need for glasses.
  • If you are between the ages of 18 to 40, and once you have an initial exam, you will need to be examined every two years. Anyone in this age group at risk for glaucoma should be seen annually to monitor for any changes in vision.
  • One you are 40 years of age, an eye healthy examination is recommended annually.
  • At age 61 and older regular eye exams should be scheduled annually.

No matter how old you are, any noticeable change in your vision should prompt a call to our office. Our goal is to protect your good vision…for life.

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