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Learning that you have a cataract can be a cause for concern. But once you understand how your vision can be restored and even improved with advanced Laser Cataract Surgery at Larson Eye Care, you may have reason to celebrate!

The clear benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery

Larson Eye Care is the only provider in the area now offering the advanced laser cataract technology of the LENSAR™ Laser Cataract System. Specifically designed for cataract surgery, it uses a bladeless, high-resolution 3-D CSI imaging device that gives our surgeons a fully automated analysis of the cornea and lens surfaces for incredibly precise surgical incisions. This more individualized surgical accuracy takes only 15-20 minutes, and also gives patients a safer, more efficient and more precise cataract removal. The LENSAR laser means better lens positioning, less trauma to the eye, a quicker recovery and more predictable visual results — all factors that are important for individuals wanting to reduce or eliminate their dependence on glasses.

Cataract removal … and more

Laser Cataract Surgery removes the cataract, performs additional procedures at the time of the surgery, and replaces the cataract with an IOL (intraocular lens) that reduces one’s dependence on glasses or bifocals. Specifically, it enhances clear vision by reducing astigmatism, a condition that still remains after a standard cataract surgery. For most cataract patients, life without glasses or bifocals is something they only experienced when they were quite young — or just dreamed about for much of their lives.

Discover the clear benefits that Laser Cataract Surgery has to offer. Call to set up your consultation today!