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Author: onur

Happy Healthy Vision Month!

Posted by: Larson Eye Care in Eye Health on May 8, 2019

girl wearing sunglasses

Did you know that most vision problems are preventable? Every May, the National Eye Institute (NEI) celebrates Healthy Vision Month, an awareness campaign designed to encourage healthy, sight-saving habits.  This year, NEI is focusing on young adults between the ages 25 to 35. While people in this age group typically have healthy vision, it’s important… Read More

Which sport causes the most eye injuries?

Posted by: Larson Eye Care in Eye Health, Eye Safety on April 8, 2019

sports equipment

April is Sports Eye Safety Month. This month, Larson Eye Care encourages all our patients to wear proper eye protection when participating in athletic activities. Potential eye injuries that can result from sports include corneal abrasions, orbital fractures, detached retina, and even cataracts. In some instances, people have even had their eyes dislodged from their sockets…. Read More

What are common causes of blurry vision?

Posted by: Larson Eye Care in Eye Health on March 8, 2019

blurry vision scene

Have you been experiencing blurry vision lately? Step away from WebMD and try not to panic – there are many normal reasons why you may be experiencing this mild visual disturbance. Below, we’ve outlined some of the more common causes of blurry vision. You need to get glasses – or update your prescription. Do you… Read More

Why Are My Eyes Dry? A Brief Introduction to Dry Eye.

Posted by: Larson Eye Care in Dry Eye on February 8, 2019

woman with dry eye

Dry eye is a common condition, affecting at least 6.8 percent of the U.S. adult population. If you’ve been experiencing dry, scratchy eyes lately, you might be one of them. Symptoms of dry eye include: A stinging, scratchy, or burning sensation in your eyes Feeling like something is stuck inside your eyes Excess watering, or tearing… Read More

Five New Year’s Resolutions for Healthy Vision

Posted by: Larson Eye Care in Eye Health, Eye Safety on January 8, 2019

New Years celebration

It’s a new year! Have you figured out your resolutions yet? Below, we’ve listed five resolutions you can follow for better eye health. Which of these can you see yourself accomplishing in 2019? Wear sunglasses Sunglasses aren’t just a fashion accessory – they’re also an important way to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful… Read More