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Renee Schibur, Aesthetician

Can you tell us a little more about your background? What made you want to become an aesthetician?

Well for starters, I’m proud to say I graduated from the Mequon/Thiensville School of Aesthetics at the top of my class. Since then, I’ve been offering aesthetician services to the Milwaukee and surrounding areas for over 13 years.I have always been passionate about beauty, health and skin care, so becoming a licensed aesthetician was a natural next step. I really enjoy helping people, so for me this means finding solutions to help patients love their skin and appearance.

What questions do you get asked the most? What questions should patients ask you when considering aesthetician services?

Oh, I get all sorts of questions! I think the most common question is, “does it really work?”. My answer is usually, “with the right treatment plan and provider, it really does.” While I recognize that IPL and other aesthetic treatments aren’t for everybody, I’m happy to help each of my patients determine if they should undergo treatments. This is why I offer complimentary screenings to everybody that I see.
When considering any sort of aesthetician services, I encourage everybody to evaluate a few key points:

  • How much experience does your aesthetician have, especially with your specific skin problem? It takes a lot of time and practice to develop a good understanding of the best way to treat each condition. An experienced provider can develop the best custom plan for you.
  • What kind of technology is the aesthetician using? This is extremely important and often overlooked! Many large providers will try and gloss over this aspect of treatment, but if a patient wants results this should be considered carefully.
  • What is the treatment plan, and how does it compares to other plans?  If you’re comparing treatments, make sure it’s apples-to-apples. It’s easy to jump right in, but make sure you know what to expect.
  • And finally, what is the fine print. Low-cost providers will oftentimes sneak a lot of important information into the fine print, so know what your plan includes and does not include.
What would you like us to know about IPL services?

I’m really excited about offering IPL services here at Larson Eye Care. We’re using state-of-the-art technology, the Lumenis M22 ® IPL, so I look forward to delivering amazing results.IPL services are a great, long-term solution for many patients, and we treat a wide variety of skin problems. There’s a lot of information to consider before undergoing the treatment, and I know it can be overwhelming.
I’m happy to offer complimentary consultations to each prospective patient so we can design the right custom treatment plan – it’s that easy to get started!

If you are interested in learning more about your IPL service options, or if IPL treatments are right for you, please contact Larson Eye Careat or call 800-551-EYES.